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In the name of horses - 15 Years ago we started with the development and production of our own saddles. The development of our saddle-concept was supported by our vision of a weight distribution, which is gentle for the back of the horse. The saddle gives maximum shoulder freedom to allow for free movements. Furthermore, our saddles can be adapted throughout the horses lifetime. But this is only the

In the name of riders – at the same time our saddles offer a unique comfort to the rider. They fulfill the needs of every riding dicipline. The rider can combine the seat design, the type of the knee rolls, the padding and of course their own wishes and ideas.

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Unsere OMEGA Sättel

We are pleased to present a limitless variety of custom-made saddles, which makes the riders heart beat faster. A variety as different as the diversity of the equestrian world. According to your wishes, each saddle model will be produced individually and will be custom made. Always with the aim of maximizing the comfort for the horse and the rider.

Services Offered

Service vor Ort

In Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg we offer services on-site. The personal service on-site includes support during every step towards your individual saddle.

Even after the delivery of your individual saddle, the mobile customer service is equipped to perform any type of fit checking. This way your saddle is up to the highest standards at any time.